Some, but not many, like it Hot

Light west breeze sunny and very hot (30C car temperature at 14:00)

South shore 
A check 4 hours after high water
Mediterranean gull 2 adult on waterline next to the wooden jetty 
The Black-Headed gulls were feeding on No.1 outflow again, presumably it's back on line.
Rock Pipits 2 - one young bird on Ocean Edge foreshore a second along the sea wall looked to be a youngster, but didn't see plumage clearly enough to be certain (MD)
Young Rock Pipit on Ocean Edge

Grey Seal 1 at sea end on No.1 outflow.

Middleton Nature Reserve 
I was planning on keeping out of the sun till evening, but at midday it was cooler out than indoors, if you could find shade. Even so, there was only me out, fortunately no mad dogs! (MD)
Mute Swan the Tim Butler pair had both cygnets on show today, plus a single female on the "no swimming" pond. The pair with 9 cygnets still on the main pond.
Mallard 17 juvenile 
Gadwall 1 female plus 3 young - they were having to work hard to reach as deep as mum, but on a day like today it looked very refreshing.