Still plenty of interest……as long as you have plentiful interests

Light early SWS breeze became quite blustery and SW  by evening. Mainly overcast but still warm.

A morning check by Pete:
Canada goose 29 south c09:00
Mediterranean gull 1 3rd calendar year in summer plumage - with Black-headed gulls, a long way out from Ocean Edge toward Potts Corner.
Black-headed gull 1 1st calendar year 

Also on south shore (MD)
c40 geese north low over the caravan park. Only seen from a distance, but suggested Greylag
c30 geese even further away landed on sea out from the estuary - not possible to identify with my optics.
The 1st calendar year Black-headed gull was with two adult, but it at least 
tried to feed itself 
It very kindly did a pirouette to show both profiles